Artistic Ring

Artistic Ring

rd05 Sterling Silver Dragon Garnet Gemstone Ring


On display is an artistic ring modeled after John Gardner's Dragon effigy portrayed in his retelling of Grendel.

This ring art was constructed by forging and soldering bars of Sterling in combination with cast elements. The casting was originally handmade in wax and subsequently cast in metal employing the Lost Wax method. A flawless one of a kind hand cut dark red Garnet was uniquely set making this an original one of a kind artisan jewelry ring.  

I would describe this ring as substantially made, a uniquely adventurous art jewelry ring presentation. 

Ring Size - 9
Garnet Size - Pear Shape - 0.33" (8.34 mm) X 0.53" (13.50 mm)
Weight - 21.9 grams  

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