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rm03 Sterling Silver Topaz Gemstone Ring


This art nouveau style ring is one of Fred's finest wax carvings in Sterling Silver, an absolutely gorgeous rendering of the mermaid fantasy.  

The original was handmade in wax and subsequently cast employing the Lost Wax method. Every detail was preserved by my hand finishing. This ring is very sculptural and great care was taken in its construction with comfort in mind, notice the beveled contour in the shank. The one of a kind Topaz gemstone was inventively set assuring protection.  

The ring cannot be sized for the shank is adorned with detail, however various sizes can be made to order. The one of a kind London Blue Topaz would require a new stone of choice for a custom order.  

The mermaid artisan figure is full of life possessing a cheerful countenance in combination with swirling lines making this a stunning upbeat miniature artisan rings sculpture.

I liked it so much I had Fred create a similar one that I wear on my index finger, a heartening journey to the beach.  

Ring Size - 9 1/2
Topaz Size - Pear Shape - 0.38" (9.53 mm) X 0.24" (6.31 mm)
Weight - 24.1 gram

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