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p51 Sterling Silver Garnet Pendant


As artisans we take great pride in the development of this handcrafted design which has become animate over the years, a perennial blossoming face impersonating a flower.  

The original model was handmade in wax and subsequently cast in Sterling Silver employing the Lost Wax method. The bail was forged from Sterling wire attached with solder. The bezel holding the Garnet was made by cutting an exact opening containing a miniature shelf on which the stone rests. A gemstone was inserted and metal was gently hammered over the girdle of the stone, consequently excess metal was clear cut with an engraver tool. The resulting setting is very secure .  

I would describe this design as mysterious, a small jewelry pendant alive powerfully elegant.

Height - 1.49"
Width - 0.84"
Depth - 0.28
Garnet - 0.30" (7.55 mm)
Weight - 14.8 grams

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