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pc45 Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant


This arist jewelry handcrafted pendant is made from Sterling Silver and has a clear cut bezel set with a beautiful Citrine gemstone. 

The model was handmade in wax and henceforth cast employing the lost wax method. The Citrine gemstone is arduously set into a bezel by cutting a precise fit and supporting shelf into the metal. The top rim of the extended bezel is carefully hammered over the edge of the stone and the excess metal is cut away. Careful hand finishing assured perfection. 

I would describe this pendant as radiantly unique silversmith perfection.

Height - 1.31"
Width - 1.42"
Depth - 0.42" 
Weight - 17.8 grams
Citrine Gemstone - 0.36" ( 9.04 mm )

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