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pf01Sterling Silver Garnet Pendant


Presenting a one of a kind sterling silver contemporary art jewelry pendant.

This unique pendant was forged from a bar of sterling silver and the Garnet was flush set, a laborious setting. To set the stone a very exact hole with supporting ledge must precede the insertion of the stone. The top rim of the hole is then burnished, hammered or pushed down to secure the stone, after which the excess metal is removed with a graver tool.  

This is Fred's favorite stone setting technique, until he scratches or breaks the gemstone.
I would describe this contemporary jewelry design as subtle and refined.

Height - 1.03"
Width - 0.36"
Depth - 0.15"
Garnet - 0.24" (6.33 mm) X 0.166" (4.21 mm)
Weight - 4.8 grams

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