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pf09 Sterling Silver Designer Amethyst Pendant


The modern designer jewelry art pendant on display makes an elegantly graceful presentation.  

It was handcrafted by hammering a Sterling Silver bar into shape, drilling, grinding, finishing and Flush Cut setting an Amethyst gemstone.

Flush Cut Settings require skillful attention.  A perfect stone matching space is drilled into the metal including a petite shelf.  The stone is inserted and metal is hammered over the stones girdle.  The bruised surface is clear cut with a graver tool resulting in a beautiful setting.  

Length - 1.76"
Width - 0.41"
Depth - 0.19"
Amethyst - 0.19 9 (4.85 mm) X 0.30" (7.64 mm)
Weight - 7.9 grams

Laurel Lee, Art Designs, PO Box 628 Catskill NY 12414, Tel: 845 246 0282, Email: