Modern Jewelry Pendant

Modern Jewelry PendantDetail Modern Jewelry PendantDetail pf11

pf11 Sterling Silver Sapphire Garnet Pendant 


This modern jewelry handmade pendant was made by shaping, drilling and soldering bars of Sterling Silver. The Sapphire and Garnet were Flush Set, a laborious method of setting gemstones by the drilling of holes comprising a small ledge, unequivocal precise work. After insertion the gemstones are held in place with silver forced down upon them by applying pressure to the rim in a process called burnishing. Access metal is clear cut with the aid of a graver tool.  The resulting setting is not only beautiful but also secure.  

Height - 1.36"
Width - 0.31"
Depth - 0.32"
Sapphire - 0.20" (5 mm)
Garnet - 0.16" (4 mm)
Weight - 12.5 grams   

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