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pf13 Sterling Silver Topaz Pendant


This pendant was handcrafted by hammering, bending, soldering and grinding several thick bars of Sterling Silver. The pressure bezel cradling the Topaz is an inventive design and setting a stone in this manner is difficult for pressure must be applied to the structure without breaking the stone.

I would describe this silversmith pendant as a robust artists statement and a perfect exhibit for an outstanding natural unique hand cut Topaz gemstone.  

Height - 1.85"
Width - 0.896"
Depth - 0.37"
Trillion Hand Cut Topaz - 0.594" (15.10 mm) 
Weight - 29.6 grams

Laurel Lee, Art Designs, PO Box 628 Catskill NY 12414, Tel: 845 246 0282, Email: