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pf27 One of a Kind Pendant


On exhibition is a one of a kind sterling silver Topaz gemstone jewelry artists pendant. 

Item is sold.  We can't duplicate this exactly however a similar piece and quality is possible.  The gemstone used would influence the final design for here we used a hand cut natural non calibrated Topaz stone.  Queries welcome.

This contemporary artists jewelry was handmade from five sterling silver bars, soldered and pressure set with a beautiful gemstone. Pressure settings can be a perilous undertaking, during setting too much pressure can brake the stone. 

Height - 1.23"
Width - 0.70"
Depth - 0.24"
Weight - 9.70 grams
Topaz Trillion Cut - 0.3" (7.63 mm)

Laurel Lee, Art Designs, PO Box 628 Catskill NY 12414, Tel: 845 246 0282, Email: