Horse Pendant Jewelry

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ph01 Sterling Silver Pendant


I met Fred while horseback riding at his families ranch, horses played a prominent place in our formative years. I can vividly remember tranquil summer hours spent riding on forested trails in the Catskill Mountains amidst the sweet smell of white pines.

The equestrian jewelry pendant pictured pays tribute to a memory and a magnificent animal that touched our lives.

For this exceptional sculpture several models were carved in wax.  The most animated wax was chosen and cast in sterling silver, beautifully full of life.

In our Google key word research we were surprised that image searches for horse jewelry resulted primarily in the endless factory 3d CAD mass production castings and stampings, most likely made in China and Thailand. A conglomeration of undistinguished triviality.

We have done our best to present an alluring horse art jewelry pendant for people who recognize and value artistic skill, an alternative to the bland factory fashion that dominates the majority jewelry mindset.


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