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pm29 Sterling Silver Mermaid Pendant


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This jewelry art sculptural pendant was handmade in wax by Fred and then cast in sterling silver. Years of experience carving clay portraits combined with teaching the head in clay gave Fred the ability to carve portraiture in miniature, a difficult task. After carving the mermaid in wax we made a rubber mold into which wax was injected to be cast in silver. The bumps on the tail are problematic for they do not inject well creating air pockets, consequently preventing full wax inclusion. Bumps are then reworked by hand in the wax stage.

The casting was laboriously hand finished by removing the numerous sprue required. Hand polishing assured flawless detail. Beautiful artisan made mermaid.

Height - 2.06"
W - 2.02"
Depth - 0.60
Weight - 28.5 grams

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