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n01 Sterling Silver Amethyst Dragon Necklace


A venture with a magnificent one of a kind hand cut Amethyst gemstone imploring a dramatic presence compelled me to explore my imagination. Evocative visions of Beowulf came to mind and emanated from memories of a sculpture commission we had created for John Gardner author of "Grendel". This necklace is the personification of that sculpture. Beowulf's "Dragon" dramatically emanating energy from an Amethyst crystal.

Dragon has two heads, outstretched tongues intertwine gemstone encrusted wings.

Weeks were spent carving wax models by hand to be hollowed out with a .5mm or less wall thickness through out. Followed by a mold and an investment negative casting in sterling silver. This was not a production casting for numerous sprue required arduous finishing. 

The stones are set into a clear cut bezel, a laborious and skillful process of cutting a perfect fit aperture inclusive of a supporting ledge, proceeded by installing the gemstone and hammering the silver over the stones girdle for support.

With consummate craftsmanship natural amethyst beads are strung together along a strand of high quality nylon coated wire containing 49 miniature strands of strong 925 sterling silver.  

On account of the natural hand cut Amethyst gemstones unique shape this bezel setting is one of a kind.

An outstanding designers necklace of considerable beauty.

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