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n04 Sterling Silver White Pearl Dragon Necklace


Dragon art images abound in all world cultures including contemporary Disney kitsch.

My artistic rendition of this mythical creature was born of a sculpture commission by author John Gardner to commemorate "Grendel". Here is an effigy of that sculpture in jewelry miniature. Dragon, cool white porcelain born of fire radiating a lustrous silvery glimmer, an ancient all-seeing creature guarding a prize of ravishing white pearls.

The dragon was handmade in porcelain and fired to 3200 Fahrenheit. The radiating sterling silver bezel design was specifically made and dedicated, a one of a kind necklace.

With consummate craftsmanship natural white fresh water pearls are strung together along a strand of high quality nylon coated wire containing 49 miniature strands of strong 925 sterling silver. 

Hours of work went into the production of a very elegant one of a kind handmade artists created jewelry.

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