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n06 Sterling Silver Moonstone Necklace



Moonstones have been used by jewelry artist since ancient times and are associated with being a tangible connection to the magic of the moon, an amulet of lovers and a path to wisdom.

We used an analogous wax model carving made for "n05 Jewelry Artists" necklace and complimented our sleeping beauty with a moonstone. Unlike the planet Venus our sleeping beauty has her own moon.

Moon Lady necklace is handmade of two separate sterling silver castings forged into one jewelry unit and prong set with a large beautiful one of a kind moonstone. The white pearl strand dazzles with art deco style silver floral carvings.

Natural white fresh water pearls are strung together along a strand of high quality nylon coated wire containing 49 miniature strands of strong 925 sterling silver.

A luxurious handmade jewelry portrayal of moon goddess Artemis, goddess of love.

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