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n08 Sterling Silver Porcelain Black Pearl Necklace


The image in this one of a kind art jewelers necklace is based on a recurring form in my work, a stylized and personalized porcelain "Dragon".

I hesitate to mention the word "Dragon" for dragons in our culture have come to symbolize an adolescents or a tattoo artists ego building super hero fantasy, based on Disney's winged bat image.

Yet in another time dragons came to symbolize the latent energy that exists in all individuals as a primal energy source for enlightenment

Working in silence while listening to the soft hum in my head, I can hear an awareness of the boundless energy throughout the universe. The same energy that lies dormant and at times spiraling up through my body, creativity has given a face to this energy, "Dragon".

This beautiful contemporary art jewelry necklace symbolizes that energy.

"Dragon" unusual artist jewelry is a handmade one of a kind figure. Energy flows from its center outward in scintillating sterling silver. The sterling silver model was hand carved from hard wax and cast, a substantial casting in three parts.

With consummate craftsmanship natural black pearls are strung together along a strand of high quality nylon coated wire containing 49 miniature strands of strong 925 sterling silver.

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